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Compensation From Fees
One way a designer receives income is from professional fees. Client project time is tracked per the documented Time Categories, accumulated for the month, and reflected on a statement at month's end.  The hourly rate for designers typically ranges from $75.00 to $250.00.

Product Purchases
Designers also receive income by buying products for their clients.  There can be advantages for both the client and the designer to use suppliers offering discounts to design professionals.  Design showrooms (open only to design professionals) specialize in higher end, customized products not available to the general public.  They have more variety, newer styles, and enable the designer to create a totally unique look for their clients.  Designers buy from these suppliers at a cost significantly discounted (up to 50%) from retail.  They then provide the product to their client sharing some portion of their discount with that client.

Billing Procedures

Consultations are charged at an hourly rate and may range from one to three hours in duration.

For more extensive projects, a retainer is required before work begins.  The first 6 hours are billed against this retainer.

If the client elects to order product, a quote will be prepared for review and approval. In addition to written consent, a 50% to 100% deposit is required to place the order.

A daily time log is maintained and made available at month’s end in the form of an itemized invoice using the documented billable time categories.

For projects that are more involved than a consultation, a Letter of Agreement is often necessary. This document assures the client that the work requested is done and that a unified scope is shared.

Graphic drafting (space planning, floor plans, and elevations) and/or finish and surface selections are billed at a flat fee which equates to 6 – 10 hours of time.

If less time is required an hourly fee will apply. A kitchen with several possible arrangements averages approximately 6 hours. Selecting fabric for window treatments or upholstery or choosing flooring, tile, granite, paint, etc for a new home takes approximately the same amount of time. Furniture arrangements often require less time.

Monthly time invoices are due within 30 days. Invoices for product purchases are due upon receipt.

It is the practice to discount from retail pricing and share that with the client.

Credit card payment is not currently accepted.

Specific rates will be discussed on an individual basis.

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