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The process is fairly simple.  The Design Process steps are detailed below.

The actual or elapsed times provided are a guidelines and represent a typical project – a two to three room project with average product availability. This project would take about 17 weeks from start to finish. (The timeline for remodeling projects depends on the scope and is usually determined by the contractor. The basic design process is similar.)

Patience and flexibility are also important attributes. As hard as designers try, things often do not go according to schedule.  It is a profession full of variables.

The following is an example of how a typical Interior Design Project would evolve.

Week 1 Initial Consultation (1 - 3 Hours)
Week 1 - 2 Designer prepares for Initial Presentation
Week 2 - 3 Initial Presentaion Meeting ( 1 - 3 hours)
Week 3 - 4 Client Review and Feedback ( 1 - 2 hours)
Week 5 Designer Revisions
Week 6 Place Orders
Week 10 - 16 Installation (4 - 10 week product Delivery)
Week 17 Client Evaluation

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