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The choice to work with a designer assumes you have a “design need” to meet.  At the start of the project you must accurately and specifically identify that design need.  Of course, it is the designer’s job to help facilitate your vision.  What happens along the way, how long it takes, how much it costs, how much fun it is – the entire experience depends on several key components:

  • The quality of communication and listening between you and the designer

  • The availability of time (designer’s and yours)

  • The availability of product

  • The talent, creativity, focus and diligence on the part of the designer

You and your interior designer work as a team.  Your role is to provide lifestyle information to include your personal likes and dislikes, style/color preferences, and a budget for the project.  The designer’s job is to listen to you and clearly present design options that can be accomplished within your budget.

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